About Us

Has it really been that long?

Originally founded as a school drama group at Gymnasium Glinde in 1983 the English Theatre Group is today one of the few English language amateur theatre companies in northern Germany.

Do you remember 1983?

1983 was the “International year of communication”, the green party was first introduced to the German Bundestag and Hitlers (fake) diaries are discovered by the Stern. 1983 was the year of Aids, Pershing II, Swatch watches and the first flight of the space shuttle Challenger. Lech Walesa is awarded the Nobel prize for peace and “Major Tom” is the no,1 chart hit for 8 weeks in Germany.

Starting something new…

And in that same year 1983 senior graduates of the then still young Gymnasium Glinde decided to bring two short plays they studied in class on to the stage for a larger audience and named themselves English Theatre Group.

…and taking a fancy in it!

But this was only the start: Even after graduation they met to continue what they started. Every year since then has seen the premiere of a play continuing the tradition that started more than 30 years ago and developing into todays English Theatre Group company.


From the very first idea until the 25th anniversary in 2008 years later it was the work and spirit of English teacher Wolfgang Bendokat that made the English Theatre Group a long lasting success having meanwhile seen more than a hundred students to act on the stage over the years and enrich the cultural life of Glinde with their own small part.


For sure it has not always been easy: Students come and go, school, job and spare time is to be managed, costs are to be looked at and of course it is always a challenge to find a suitable play which is workable with the possibilities of a school and which at the same time is entertaining for our audience. But when Wolfgang quit in 2008 the remainder of the English Theatre Group still desperately wanted to continue and with all of them being out of school by then were looking for ways to make this happen.


Contact was made with the local “Theoter ut de Möhl e.V.” where the English Theatre Group found a new home and made a re-start in 2010 with Agatha Christies classic “The Mousetrap”. This “joint venture” continued successfully until end of 2015 when the decision was taken to split up.

Growing up

In 2016 the English Theatre Group was newly formed and registered as a company of its own and is looking forward into a bright future with the will and belief to entertain the audience with a variety of plays ranging from classic drama to todays modern sociocritical comedy.

… please stay with us !